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Firefox Updates Break Search and Other Settings

Firefox Updates Break Search and Other Settings

This morning I woke up and decided to check the latest tech news, so I opened up Firefox. It seems Firefox had downloaded an update during my last browsing session and was just waiting for me to restart so it can apply it. Not surprising, since I’ve gotten used to the ridiculously annoying constant updates from Mozilla. After the update was applied, I tried to search using the location bar and was surprised to find my searches were being redirected to my local Google site,

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Directory Names

Kids these days grow up with the idea that they can have spaces and lots of other funny characters in their directory names.


Mailbox Is Nothing New

Mailbox Is Nothing New

A few days ago, a friend of mine posted a video ad for an email program that can be run on an iPhone. I Googled this Mailbox “app” to find out more about it. The press seems to be extremely excited for this thing, but I honestly don’t see why.

Their home page is filled with modern web clichés: lots of white space, a huge 1,000-pixel vertical length video, and short paragraphs describing their product.

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You cannot expect normal human beings to question all their assumptions 24/7. Every time you blinked you’d have to prove to yourself that the whole universe hadn’t just been switched off and then instantaneously recreated itself.


Secure Banking

Earlier this week I tried to sign up for my local bank’s online banking feature. I put aside the fact that they charge you for using it and proceeded to fill in the required information. The problem came when I tried to set a password.

Estimado cliente:

La clave de acceso debe ser alfanumérica, no se permiten acentos, o símbolos especiales (#, &, ?, etc.) ni más de 2 caracteres consecutivos (123 o abc), tampoco más de 2 caracteres idénticos consecutivos (111 o aaa).

Estimado cliente, en su pregunta no se permiten caracteres especiales ni la letra ñ.

The text says that I’m not allowed to use any special characters. This also applies to the secret question I was trying to set (this means I cannot end the question with ‘?’). The passwords are also limited to 10 characters. Way to go, Mexican banks.