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I'm on a lag

I'm on a lag

That xkcd comic reminds me an awful lot of myself. I still haven’t finished Half-life, I’ve yet to play Half-life 2 and all other expansion packs, and I’ve yet to play Portal. By the time I get done with these games everyone else will be enjoying Half-life 3 and Portal 2…along with whatever next generation system is out at the time.

Not to say I haven’t been trying. I’m almost done with the first game. Since I have internet now, I’ve been trying to catch up on lost time with all my Steam games. I even purched Garry’s Mod yesterday since it was their last day of the $4.99USD deal. I tried hopping on some Counter-Strike servers but it doesn’t seem to be working. It might have something to do with my download speed. Let us compare…

33.87Mb/s down, 1.70Mb/s up
Where I was before...
0.99Mb/s down, 0.09Mb/s up
Where I am now