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Questionable Content and Indie Girls

Questionable Content and Indie Girls

While reading the latest XKCD, I started looking all over the site for the link to the unixkcd that was featured on April 1st (I eventually found it). I’ve always been aware of the “Comics I Enjoy” links toward the bottom of the page but I’ve never actually clicked on any. I went through a couple and the one that caught my interest was Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques.

The last comic put up is #1740. Yep, over one thousand strips. I decided to start reading the comic from the beginning and I’ve got to say I love it so far. I got up to #38 and stopped abruptly. Nearly every comic up to that point contains a few paragraphs below it with some updates from the artist regarding the site, the comic itself and other bits of information. In this particular one, Jeph links to that End of the World flash animation that was so popular back in the early 2000’s and was most likely one of the first internet videos I saw.

It made me think back at all the stuff that was cool amongst the internet in 2003 how much things have changed. It’s enough to mention that the first time I saw that video it took about a half hour to load, I had an old eMachines with 256mb RAM and dial-up service with AOL software bundled. In the comics before that, the artist made references to installing iTunes for the first time and wanting a Power Mac G5. I remember getting my first and only iPod around that time. Looking at it now, it weighs a ton, doesn’t have color, and I can’t believe I thought 20GB was a lot. How could they not make an MP3 player with a color screen in 2003?!

Anyway, another thing the comic mentions a lot are indie girls! According to Urban Dictionary:

They listen to music that you’ve probably never heard of, wear what they want and are usually in touch with subjects that allow them to express themselves such as textiles,art,media,music and photography. That made me laugh out loud. I’ve never really thought about the term a lot but if an indie girl is anything like Faye (or Zooey Deschanel), then I’m all for it. Incidentally, a picture of Zooey is one of the first things that popped up when I Googled “indie girl” and is the subject on a blog post on Indie Girls Deconstructed.

Zooey Deschanel Indie Girl
Is this what an indie girl looks like?

I loved her in Eulogy and it remains one of my favorite movies. It was also released in 2004, so it totally goes with the theme of this post.

I should also mention that I finally bought a computer. Upcoming post about that, so stay tuned.