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Edit Google Docs In Nautilus

If you’ve ever needed a way to edit your Google Docs files from your Ubuntu Linux desktop, DoctorMo’s Google Doc Mount is just for you. Once installed, this nifty piece of software will do just that - mount your Google Docs files as a drive on your desktop.

You can open up a document in a word processor to edit it and any changes you make will also show up on Google Docs. To store them locally, simply drag and drop from the Nautilus window to the desktop. From DoctorMo:

If you try this, remember that it’s not a supported piece of software, bugs aren’t likely to be fixed (unless you fix them of course) the code is available and it should work on Lucid. It won’t be ported to any other versions (at least by me) but it should be easy to recompile everything for other versions anyway

Keep in mind that you are required to type in your username and password every time you use it.